Arabian Native Costume Details and Pricing


Our original design Native Arabian Costumes are completely authentic, in

style and made from the finest materials available. The costumes come

complete with everything you need to make a stunning appearance at all Class

A and World quality horse shows. Everything has been professionally hand

made and stitched on professional machines, so every set is not only good

looking - it is going to last, and stay in style, for years, and years to come.

They are one of a kind, will stand out, turn heads, and make a lasting

impression on everyone lucky enough to take a look.

Each costume comes complete with the Aba ( robe ), horse blanket, breast

collar, double bridle with 2 sets of reins, stirrup covers, rider head piece, and

horse poll piece. The blanket, stirrup covers, breast collar and poll piece are

lined in soft vinyl - so they wipe clean and are protected from dirt and sweat.

Our costumes are custom made, one at a time, for each customer. They are

reasonably priced at $1200 USD. Costumes can generally be made and

shipped within 2 - 3 weeks time. These costumes are individually hand made,

one of a kind works of art. If you and your horse are ready for World Class

Competition - it is time to have your costume made.

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