How to use the Kentucky Head Setter


This is a wonderful, brand new modified "Kentucky" head setter. It is a bit different

from most head set rigs and is the only tool that will help your horse achieve that perfect

chess piece head set. This one is HORSE size. Ever wonder how the trainers do it,

get that perfect headset? Well, now you know. This bridle may look a bit unusual, but if

you take a look at the photos, you will understand how perfectly this head setter is

designed and how outstanding results can be achieved in a totally humane fashion. This

bridle is made to use with a mild snaffle bit attached to a simple pulley system that only

pulls on the mouth when the head is not in the correct position. The overcheck and bit

lifts the head and neck up and the bit brings the nose in. When the head is where it

should be, there is absolutely NO pressure on the horse. So, the horse teaches

himself, exactly where to put his head to avoid contact with the bit. This is really quite a

bit easier on the horse than even really good hands can be, since there is no jerking,

wobbling or any inconsistency from unsteady hands!

This bridle is made to be VERY versatile and easy to use. You can use this bridle in

the stall for a few minutes each day to strengthen the neck and back muscles. You can

also use this bridle with long lines. It can be used with side reins and a longe line. There

are unique D rings attached at 2 places on both sides of the cavesson (you wont' find

this anywhere else ) to attach your longe line, one high and one low. So, when you get

your horse ready, in side reins, you can have him work on the longe line without attaching

the line to his mouth - just the cavesson. Again - he will learn his head set without

anybody's jerking hands ruining his mouth! You can even use this bridle from the saddle

by attaching the over check to a string that you fasten between the D rings near the cut

back of your saddle.