Head Setter Information Continued...





Your horse will achieve the perfect head set and you will not have ruined his mouth or

his spirit. You will be amazed at the things the rest of his body is capable of, once his

head is where is it supposed to be!

If you have never used a bridle like this, there are a few basic, common sense things you should be aware of - especially if this is the first time your horse has ever been worked in equipment like this. First - GO SLOW! And by that I mean, take baby steps. Do not crank his head up, with the over check and side reins, for the first few times. Even if your horse has the conformation to do it, he probably will not have the muscle tone or the mental ability to understand exactly what is happening. Take it slow, go up a notch only when there is consistent slack in the overcheck and remember to only work your horse for a few minutes at first and slowly build him up. If you go slow, easy and take your time - you will have the consistent and beautiful head set you have always wanted.

There is one more tip, if you happen to have a horse that will never have the ability to

put his head in this position, please do not try to force his conformation into a position that is unnatural for him. This style of equipment is most frequently used with high headed and long necked horses and at saddle seat barns where Saddlebreds, Morgans, Arabians, National Show Horses, Hackney Ponies and other similar styled horses are in training. However, this is becoming a piece of equipment that many winning hunt seat and dressage barns are using.. why?? IT WORKS!